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SmartGov Tech


A Modern Data Stack
Purpose-Built for Governments

We understand that data is the key to effective decision-making in the age of digital transformation. However, we also know that government organizations often struggle to make their data accessible and timely. That's why the team at N-Ovate Solutions created SmartGov Data Tech. With the SmartGov Data Stack, government organizations can quickly and easily get the data they need to fuel digital transformation. But speed is not the only thing our technology delivers. We also provide our clients with data they can trust. By solving both of these problems at the same time, we are helping government organizations accelerate digital transformation and achieve their goals.



Innovate faster with the most versatile data connector purpose-built for government and education institutions.



Rapid visibility and understanding of your enormous data stores to [1] control your data risk, [2] manage your data costs, and [3] activate your data assets.



Advanced super-scalable archive solution for the management and long-term preservation of government data and communications.

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