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Advanced super-scalable archive solution for the management and long-term preservation of government data and communications.

SmartArchive helps government agencies track and store data. It leverages various SmartConnectors to orchestrate data archival, ensuring that the various government entities can meet regulatory demands.

SmartArchive offers a number of key benefits for businesses, including

  • Rapid search and discovery of data for litigation support, end-user access, and regulatory compliance. 

  • Unified archive repository for data from enterprise messaging, collaboration, file-sharing, and social media applications. 

  • Compliant preservation of data in accordance with global regulatory requirements.

How it Works

SmartArchive’s adaptive hosting allows government agencies to choose the hosting model that best suits their needs, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

SmartArchive provides government agencies with a suite of applications that rapidly empower their end-users to search through their mailboxes through multiple access points. These access points include the Outlook and OWA Plug-in, the EDRM, the Secure Web Application, and the Mobile App.



Legacy Platform Retirement

Cloud Transformation 

Platform Modernisation

Data Consolidation

Evolved Cost Control

Smarter Storage & Lifecycle Control

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