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Rapid visibility and understanding of your enormous data stores to

[1] control your data risk,

[2] manage your data costs, and

[3] activate your data assets.

Drive transparency, insight, and control for a complete and comprehensive understanding of your Big Data.

The influx of data from disparate sources such as traffic and CCTV cameras, sensors, satellites, body cameras, calls, emails, direct messages, and social media has led to a new era of Big Data in government.  Consequently, Big Data presents a unique challenge for government and education institutions because it often lacks the identification necessary for proper recognition, storage, and utilization.  

When harnessed correctly, Big Data can empower governments to modernize faster and serve constituents more effectively by building more predictive systems that address the implications of gathered information.  In addition, governments can use big data to improve transparency and accountability within government organizations.


How it Works

Once data is connected, the SmartGov Platform processes that data through our SmartDetect processing engine, which indexes and leverages AI to determine the data’s relevance or quality to the business, and presents the data for archival or disposal accordingly.  Allowing you to:.

  1. Take action [e.g. Move, Delete, Retain] on your data. 

  2. Gain comprehensive visibility into all of your government-wide data repositories to find your business-critical information with our user-friendly interface.

  3. Locate all Personally Identifiable Information [PII] in your IT landscape to comply with Data Subject Access Requests [DSARs] under GDPR and other data protection laws.

  4. Enhance the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning initiatives with higher quality data sets containing more relevant information.



Sensitive Data & Compliance

Compliance with data privacy regulations is a complex challenge for governments. Government institutions must catalog and map their data assets, apply data classification taxonomies, and automate data retention policies to meet the growing compliance demands. 

Data Cleanup

As data grows at an unprecedented rate, organizations struggle to keep up with the demand for storage and computing resources. One way to address this challenge is to conduct a fast, petabyte-scale metadata analysis to identify data that can be moved or deleted. 

Dark Data: You don't know what you don't know

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