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The SmartCity Expo

N-Ovate's Launchpad for SmartGov Data Technologies

Posted September 28, 2022, by Tye Hayes

I recently had the opportunity to attend the SmartCity Expo in Miami. It was a great event that allowed me to reconnect with city leaders, from mayors to CIOs, about their initiatives, concerns, ideas, and challenges. I'm excited to bring the combined offerings of N-Ovate and our newest integrated suite of technologies, SmartGov Data Tech, into this space. With the introduction of our new purpose-built SmartGov Data Stack, N-Ovate has everything government agencies and education leaders need to modernize their organizations.

The SmartCity Expo was the perfect opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments in the Smart City space. I was especially impressed by how city leaders want to use data to drive decisions and improve efficiency. Data is becoming increasingly crucial in Smart Cities, and N-Ovate built SmartGov Data Tech to support these goals.

I'm as excited as ever about the future of Smart Cities. If you're looking for a partner to help you with all things related to technology, look no further than N-Ovate. We're here to help you make your city as efficient and effective as possible.

Tye Hayes

N-Ovate Solutions &
SmartGov Data Technologies

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