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SmartGov Data Platform powered by N-Ovate Solutions helps governments answer these questions in a way that meets the needs of both the government and the people. 

While the need for efficient data management systems is clear, solving this need comes with a host of questions and concerns that the SmartGov platform, powered by N-Ovate Solutions, can help our government clients and agencies answer:

  • Who owns the data? 

  • How can we protect people's privacy? 

  • What are the best ways to prevent data loss? 

  • How can we use data to innovate?

These are just some of the issues that need to be addressed by governments as they work to modernize their data management systems.


Data Integrity

The need to maintain the integrity of data while complying with regulations is a challenge that governments face. The complex technology landscape and tight regulatory requirements make it difficult to modernize business models across all departments within these organizations.

SmartGov has expertise in both government agencies as well education sectors which allows them to understand this complexity better than anyone else can. With SmartGov, you can modernize with confidence. 

Data Migration

Powered by SmartGov and the N-Ovate Solutions team, SmartConnect delivers point-to-point data migration capabilities from a portfolio of on-premise archives, SaaS-based archives, and unstructured data repositories. This data can be moved to the location of your choice, entirely facilitated, and administered from a single user interface using different data migration tools.


Supported Archive platforms for our data migration services include Exchange, Enterprise Vault, and EV.Cloud, Mimecast, Source One, AXS-One, Digital Safe, CAMM, and Commvault Mimosa NearPoint.


Perform rapid eDiscovery across your institutions' messaging, collaboration, file-sharing, and social media applications.

Regarding eDiscovery, most cases involving state and local agencies are tried in state courts, meaning they are subject to state rules for discovery. Because of this, it's crucial for state and local government agencies to understand federal and state rules regarding eDiscovery.

Cloud Migration

In a January 2021 survey, 70% of state and local government executives highlighted that cloud is their preferred environment for hosting citizen and mission data.

– Maximus, FedRamp survey results report, accessed December 16, 2021 

Enterprise Efficiency

Data Compliance

Data Remediation

Data Consolidation

“When harnessed correctly, Big Data can empower governments to modernize faster and serve constituents more effectively by building more predictive systems that address the implications of gathered information. In addition, governments can use big data to improve transparency and accountability within their organizations.”

Tye Hayes, Founder  |  SmartGov Data Resources

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