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Innovate faster with the most versatile data connector purpose-built for government and education institutions.

Eliminate silos with secure, scalable, and resilient integration of all data sources.

Too often, data is siloed within government agencies, making it difficult to share and use. To unlock their data potential, governments need to develop an interoperable and connected data landscape.  In this secure SmartGov environment, adequate measures [legal, technical, and organizational] are purpose-built to prevent misuse of data.

How it Works

SmartConnect transcends the legacy connector landscape to deliver a multi-modal solution that is an extensible data bus for organizations to deal with any data transit, migration, or transformation scenario.

Whether you are [1] endeavoring to build a modern archival eco-system, [2] centralize disparate data silos for analytics, or [3] disentangle your mass stores of data for governance and lifecycle control, SmartConnect will transform how you manage and derive value from your data.


The dynamic data channel workflows can be quickly assembled to allow dozens of data sources to be collected, augmented, and transitioned to an array of endpoints or downstream processing platforms – allowing organizations to control their data assets without limitation truly.

By mobilizing static or proprietary data - SmartConnect allows you to 

[1] transform data value, 

[2] empower compliance and analytics, 

[3] reduce risk, and 

[4] activate a SmartGov Data Lifecycle Model.


Connect to unlimited sources [80+ connectors already supported] with SmartGov’s extensive plugin and API paradigm.


Agnostic framework.

Connect and send to any source and destination.


Easy-to-configure automation schedules, capture criteria, and permission models.

Data Formats

Flexible data formats [1000+ supported data formats].


Use Cases

Data Migration



Cloud Transformation


Data Warehouse


Options & Options Details [Do-it-yourself breakdown, your cloud, hybrid, us doing it completely for you.]

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